I didn’t vote…


Wait… Hold your fingers… I feel their rage…

I don’t ever feel the need to explain myself unless I feel like it will bring you insight… Since the first thing you thought of when you read the title, how many times have you actually pondered why I wouldn’t vote?

Here is why…

I don’t choose sides.

I don’t agree with any major political party.

I don’t believe people should confine their decisions to the group’s mentality.

Negativity spread is still negative, even if its because you’re pointing at someone who doesn’t agree with you because you think they should.

Think about it… Why would you be pointing at me saying, “Its shameful you didn’t exercise your right to vote.” Not for my sake. For yours…. Or because you heard someone else say it, and you agreed with them so much you’d say it yourself.

I have the right to do whatever I want. Vote. Not vote. Succumb to the pressure. Not succumb to anything. Blog about it… Not blog at all.

Its a personal decision. Voting… Living. I am not tying the two together, but I am.

How this country handled the election greatly indicated how a ‘mob’ would handle it… because that is what happened. The ‘mob’, or large like-minded mass of beings, was well connected, either through their news networks and word of mouth, or through social media.

More loud or famous looking mouths were heard, but the little ones were not forgotten. Viral concepts went ramped, and the neighbors you never spoke to suddenly seemed more approachable with the correct sign in their yard… or the wrong one.

I hope you have more thoughts regarding the very dynamic of what is happening right now.

The reason why politics is the way it is is because people are allowing the ‘mob’ to be swayed by the loudest, most familiar looking mouth… Oh and ‘if you vote for a third party candidate you may as well not vote… It is a waste’… Bullsh*t. Vote for that third party candidate that you actually agree with. Or don’t vote. Or vote for who that loud outside voice indicates you should.

Don’t argue about this. Think about it. Keep your mouth shut and try to ask yourself what you think about all of it. Don’t anger. Ponder.

You don’t have to listen to me… I’m just a humble voice riddled with her own thoughts and opinions.

I hope you still find beauty in everything you see, but see it for what it is… Or don’t.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



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