Christmas in Florida

When a resident of the fine state that is Florida… One can only begin their holiday festivities by enjoying the eighty degree weather with a jaunt to the beach.


Continuing on with the festivities, we decided a chill spot by the chill coffee shop would be chill.


It was a lovely chat, but another jaunt was indeed a need.


We were a tad hungry, so we went on to a waffles & milkshakes place in hopes of another jaunt after the sun’s setting.


The sun did set…


I was a lovely day. This is the essence of the Christmas time in Florida. St. Augustine to see the lights is both as expensive as you choose to eat and as beautiful as you choose to behold. I very much recommend it, but if you live in Florida, you probably already know of or participate in it.

Happy Christmas everyone.

I wish you best and family love and lots of delicious eatings for your lives and for the christmas season.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



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