Dealing w/ Depression, Anxiety, & Unhappiness.

Many things can bring us down in the dumps.

Its like walking on a lovely  fall(winter for Floridians) day and feeling the crispness of the wind, seeing the clearness of the sky in yourself, and not worrying about anything until… you accidentally trip and ‘kick’ the dog you’re walking.

Many emotions flood into you at that moment of shattered bliss. Your eyes pool and you yell “ARE YOU OKAY!!!!!” with their squeal still lingering in your mind. Your arms embrace the dog and you try to remember the dog’s ability to love no matter what, but no matter what, you contemplate what kind of person you are and if you even deserve your dog’s love. You then spiral into a deep pit of depression and you can’t even remember when the touch of the crisp wind didn’t sting… scorned by the injury of your precious family member.

I know that was dramatic, but really, if you look at every time you’ve had a ‘bad day’, it took one little instance to unsettle you and in turn start the spiral of sadness.

Do not fret, you can reverse the spiral.

First and foremost… Make sure its nots just because you’re hungry.

If you are a people person…. call a friend. If you aren’t…. call a friend. The isolation of introspection bred the insecurity that could riddle the depression, anxiety, or general unhappiness you’re feeling. Have a GOOD friend remind you that you are you in all your amazingness. (works with GOOD family members too).

If that doesn’t work or isn’t an option… favorite food + favorite book/movie/tv show – distractions or anything high intensity or demand = therapy for one. Try to escape. Then, if that doesn’t work… Walk it off. Often, if stimulation doesn’t work, voiding your mind and walking it off could… (don’t take your dog).

You can also use other methods of self help such as driving it off(don’t empty your tank), drinking it away(don’t get a hangover), and sleeping it off. They are less positive, I know, but sometimes its all you need, and sometimes all you need is a good sleep. 

I hope this helped… If not, find your own means of making yourself happy. I am merely a venue for research, the walking yourself back from the edge is on you.

Much love to you and yours…

~may your breath always be the way you wish~