So… about life…

The road of life is something we all travel.

Don’t want to? Always an option. Discouraged. Referred to as a cop out. As though the same darkness they were enveloped by, the accuser themselves is enveloped by. Sad… Too much sad.

Coping is a notion which is often disregard for explanation when the fingers start to land atop their targets.

We all cope with this thing called life differently. We all embrace, push away, run from, or chase that thing we were all blessed to behold and partake in.

I will give a secret to which, if utilized, will result in the bettering of that road we all travel.

Enjoy it. 

Sound difficult? Change the perspective. The things one sees as too much or too difficult simply aren’t viewed from the right angle.

It is always difficult to lug oneself from the comfort of comfort, however, if one decided to find comfort within themselves, or within something one can take on that road with them, then they’d always have something to pull from.

THAT IS WHY I EMPHASIZE TAKING CARE AND THINKING FOR ONESELF. The very enjoyment of one’s life depends on it.

Frustration can devour a soul without them even knowing why its occurring. We get frustrated when we can’t better ourselves, and it is mostly a result from not knowing what the heck is going on.

Life is complicated, even more so when one doesn’t ponder it or analyze it.

Its like walking into a hurricane with the hopes of getting to a grocery store… For all the non hurricane zone people in the world… Its damn near impossible.

So please, I implore you to think.

Think, live, and enjoy it all.

Just a little disclosure… Please don’t take my word for it. Think about what I say and make your own thoughts about it. My contemplation is guaranteed different than yours. I really hope for the best in your life and your future.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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