Here is some advice

Hey! I’ve got some knowledge to give to the world. Honestly my intentions are completely selfish; I just want to help you out. You don’t have to heed it. Its just advice: Open ended with good intentions. Enjoy 🙂

Advice 1:

Look Forward to Life

In every day we have the opportunity to make plans. When we plan, we give ourselves something to shoot for. We give ourselves a reason to look forward. Excitement is just that; its a positive energy which can carry us on the days when we seem less than. It can remind us that we are capable of believing in ourselves. It can do so much for the future and save the now.

Advice 2:

Look Forward to Now

Now is a beautiful thing, if one so chooses to see it that way. Keeping one’s mind in the present allows for growth and life. If we decide as soon as we wake up to be present and ready for every moment, then we’d be present and ready in every situation. We can find a lot out about the world when we decide to pay attention to it. If we look forward to the now of every day, we can surely live to be better than yesterday.

Advice 3:

Forget About Yesterday:

If one learned what needed to be learned from what occurred then why would there be a need to look back? There wouldn’t be. Learn and move on. Living in moments of negativity, based upon the happenings of the past, only allows for the now to fester in the stuff. Its toxic to one’s happiness if they decide to look back instead of forward and onward.



Enjoy life. Look forward to everything but don’t look back. Love and be loved and never let yourself think you deserve any less. You always deserve what you do, and your potential is as limited as you allow it to be.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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