naked quality conversations

recklessly radiant

15994376_10211991442723740_8022860016300891512_oDeep, authentic, stimulating, rich, spiritual, effortless dialogue is such a rare thing nowadays.

We live in a microwave world – a world that wants instant gratification. Rather than taking the time to delve into meaningful + important conversations, we settle for superficial small talk. Why? Mere convenience, much like a microwave.

“Why would I bake a cake in the oven for 30 minutes when I can microwave a cake in a mug in a fraction of the time?”

Sure, you’ll get your cake fix a lot quicker.. but you are settling for a lower quality cake AND much less of it. Take a minute to really soak in that SWEET analogy … (;

How many mundane conversations can you recall? Probably close to none.. Now, think about the best conversations you’ve had… What made them so memorable – was it the person you were talking to? the way they expressed themselves?…

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