Coffee or Hot Coco

Coffee or hot coco?

Why not both?

Why ask at all?

Often times we get asked “something or something else?”, and we can feel pressured with the need to choose. In love drama type situations we often feel the stress for the character consumed with the horrid choice of choosing between two people or between a job and a person or whatever.

Here’s my example scenario. Julia has waited all day to see him, and when she finally does, all she can do is look at him. His eyes seemed filled with something uninviting, but her choice still stands… She opens her mouth to speak and stops… Will he accept her decision or will society itself bear down on her in disappointment. She sighed and said it. “I’d like a hot coco today”. He shrugged and typed her order into the machine. He wrote on her cup and spoke coldly. “That’ll be 3.96” She pulled her card and swiped it. She gave him a softly saddened smile as she received the paper from him. It somehow felt empty in her hands.

That was a whole lot of intensity for nothing… or was it?

We as human beings often think like this about trivial instances in our days. Choices aren’t the only solution to a problem. They are merely an option to meeting a swift end… to the problem… not to life…

Sometimes, we have to ask ourselves… “Why not both…?” or “Why ask at all?”
Often the solution will reveal itself to us if we don’t rush towards an immediate end. Lots of problems in life aren’t as simple as ‘this’ or ‘that’. Its usually a flurry of colors and voids meshing together to create the perfect storm.

Thunderstorms are occurrences of tumultuous activity with high instability and the potential for great destruction… I think they are great examples of problems in our day to day lives. Ending the storm with a simple this-or-that choice seems beneficial, but to put an end to an entire storm with a simple umbrella would be less effective than trying to tackle the problem using multiple means of problem solving.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of my thoughts and have decided to generate a few of your own. If you wish to comment on it you can… This site has a function for that. Also, I hope you enjoy your life. Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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