A Tad Old Fashioned

I often enjoyed ‘dress-up’ as a child. As I’ve grown, I have come to realize how many adults play ‘dress-up’ via their shopping habits, and also, why they end up buying things they never wear. We are all simply children, dressing up. In all honesty, we aren’t that honest about it… but I am. I enjoy it so(too) much. Maybe I’m just a tad bit old fashioned. That, and so maybe might be possibly all or some of my fashion. I hope you enjoy:)


My baby…img_1209img_1219img_1220img_1226img_1233img_1258img_1259img_1261img_1271img_1279img_1281


I enjoy clothing.

I enjoy shopping for clothing.

I enjoy not paying lots of money for clothing.

I enjoy shopping online.

I enjoy my dog.

I enjoy myself.

I enjoy coffee.

I enjoy life.

I hope you do what you enjoy as well.

Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~




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