A New Era.

I am twenty today.

Upon this revelation that I have reached possibly the 1/5 mark on my lifespan, I have had a revelation… Naturally.

I am tired of saying no to everything without saying yes to something.

Today, my birthday wish was to chill… I usually chill, but this time I utilized the ‘birthday card’ to force my family to spend time with me.

I had cinnamon rolls and coffee for breakfast. I kicked my brother’s booty in Call of Duty. I went to the beach and had a nice nap.

Now, I am forcing myself to create. Sometimes, I have to force myself.

Here’s the thing I wish to iterate:

I want to say yes to my self. No matter what. Its a yes for me.

I want to create and travel and adventure and love and feel and do stuff.

I want to. Therefore, I will.

This is a new me. I will push my self. I will push my body. I will push until I’ve achieved, and then I will continue pushing. I have the yes, so I have to go. I can do it if I try. I just have to try.

My body loves sleep… too bad.

The only way I get what I want is if I do it myself. Therefore, I must do stuff in order to get stuff.

It makes sense.

I hope my birthday epiphany made you feel inspired in some way… if not that then entertained briefly.

I hope your day is lovely and you enjoy it. I will enjoy my day.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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