A Good Pair of Shoes


“Minimalism” is being used a lot lately. Its increasing popularity fascinates me. I have never been a visually minimal person, however, mentally, I am minimal. For example, all I wear is sneakers. Not minimal colored sneakers… but sneakers.

Since I am this way, I have come to gain this little piece of knowledge that I wish to share; Investment in a good pair of shoes is like investing in one’s own future.

I watched a Chinese drama recently and the main character felt the same way. She said that one needed to invest in their shoes, so that way they could walk to better places. It was a beautiful notion. The concept was nice, but the stilettos she referred to didn’t speak to me.

My yearly vow is that my birthday gift to myself will be a really nice pair of ‘everyday’ shoes.

They motivate me.

They inspire me.

They are beautiful… and therefore… so am I.

Its amazing to me how much a little personal investment can go. Maybe for you, the shoes aren’t really that important, but self investment should be. The popular ‘treat yo self’ reference is another good reinforcement of this.

The feeling of giving yourself a gift that you will look at every day and say to yourself, “Just do it”, will be rewarding.Trust me… it is.

You can be as much as you allow yourself to be. You can do anything you tell yourself to. So, why not do it in some shoes that will carry you anywhere you set your mind to?

I hope you gained some perspective from my thoughts. Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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