Fair Weather Fashion


Fair weather days are the basic level of temperature Floridians are awarded for the winter season. Its not cold, but without a fair amount of clothing, one could get cold…

The windbreaker in the above photos is a good example of what to wear on windy days. A long sleeve underneath allows for the perfect level of warmth while the windbreaker helps fend off the inconstancy of the winds.

The three shirts below have 3 different benefits. The first is a rather thick shirt that, if the day is fair, will be just enough to keep in the body heat. The second is the ideal long sleeve that stops just past the hand and fits impeccably for the essence of comfort. The third is the perfect shirt to throw any jacket over. So whatever the temperature, choose the appropriate jacket and you shall look put together… like a well-paid suburban dad.



Lightweight trench coats… dusters… I don’t know… Whatever they are, they are very useful for days with fair weather. They are also very good for layering once the temperature recedes past ‘fair’. Denim is also good for this purpose.


Places to find articles like this are what I always suggest, but here: thrift shops, online(ASOS, shein, etc…), and I also have a few banana republic articles in this bit so… Check their supplies out if you wish.

I hope you all find inspiration for your life inside the thoughts from my mind. Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



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