love’s a burrito pt. 2

A month has passed since the final experience with… that beloved burrito. I am back at the place of my forgotten collateral damage. It has taken me a while to mow over all that it’d meant to me, but here I am, the toilet, a distant nightmare. In this moment, I am ready for my new love.

Its simple, stand in line, order, and then wait for the creation to be bestowed upon me, but something interrupts me… that guy… THE guy. My stomach takes a tumble. It is the sudden resurgence of those memories I repressed so this experience would be enjoyable. The tension in my abdomen is an unwelcome sensation.

“You and I used to eat here all the time… I should have expected to see you”

You didn’t have walk over to me to make that clear. “The burritos are great.”

“Yeah, if you can handle explosive diarrhea”

Powers of observation are still elusive to this one, but still my face tells of the discomforts of the previous month’s events. He smiles sadly at me and his fingers touch my shoulder. My rectum recoils, but I manage a strained smile in return.

I calm myself and refocus on my life’s objective. I never received support from him in the end, so now I smile and walk away with a confident sense of ease. My abdominals release as I look to my future endeavors with opened eyes. This is a place of sanctuary. I walk towards the welcoming reception of the individual waiting to help me create my love once more.


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