Travel Advice (for beginners)

I messed up, but you may not have to.

Tip 1!     Travel with the right person/people!    For some of you… that may mean traveling alone. For others… find the person who you can’t be mad at for long periods of time. Also, this person or group of people should compensate for the things you lack.

Tip 2!     Grocery stores!     Grocery stores or convenience stores are perfect for buying things such as muffins or meal substitutes or snacks or whatever. The reason its a good idea to locate one is because, if you’re in a big city, every time you eat out you’ll be spending quite a bit in order to get a taste of the city. If you’re traveling somewhere small or with lots of cheap eats options then by all means enjoy your plethora of inexpensive experiences. Also, buying large bottles of water for cheap is very important… stay hydrated and don’t drink from the tap.

Tip 3!     Don’t cut costs on what matters!      Example one being airline insurance/ non cheap airlines. Don’t make the misktake that me and a plane full of people made in thinking that using Spirit airlines would be a good experience. Example two is public transportation. If you were blessed with the ability to know where you are at all times, then by all means use the subway system and get to where you need to go, but otherwise, use a taxi. Yes, its expensive, but they take you to exactly where you need to go. Yes, I got lost… No, we didn’t end up in a safe part of town. Extra tip, wear your best b*tch face and pretend you know where you are.

Tip 4!     Take care of your body!      Be cognizant of when your body needs something. Examples, eye drops, chapstick, a seat, a meal. When you don’t take care of your stomach, you could end up vomiting your guts out in the airport only seconds before having gone through a very traumatic landing. When you don’t use chapstick your lips can end up bleeding and looking remarkably red and wrinkly… but some people could prefer that so… personal preference.  Know your body’s warning signs when its on the verge of self destruction.

I learned valuable lessons from traveling as an adult with only one other adult being. We learned lots of lessons. I’m sure seasoned travelers don’t need my advice, but I felt the need to give tips before I encourage people to travel without their parents. Its DEFINITELY a growing experience.

Tip 5!     HAVE FUN!!!!      Enjoy every moment, even when something goes wrong, and you end up sleeping in the airport… ENJOY IT! Any experience is better than living through nothing.

Much love to you and yours and may your travel experiences be all and more of what you wish. 


I Went to Chicago! & Why

What a way to spend a few days. Chicago is a beautiful place. I enjoyed my time in every way. In fact, it seems like a good place to stay… Hmmmmmmm….


The food was good. The environment was inspiring. The air was crisp. The wind was subtle. The entertainment was anything you wished. The city of Chicago is a place of opportunity and creativity. I can’t wait to move there.

I am so lucky to have been able to travel with such a solidly amazing human being that is also a friend who has been my best and with me at my worst. She’s still here so that speaks to her character… honestly… I’m astounded at her ability to enjoy being around me. Traveling with her was as easy as travel allowed it to be. We handled each problem together, and it made the entire trip a perfect memory. Plus, she looks cool every single day of her existence… which makes for perfect photos.

Grant Park
Grant Park
The Field Museum of Natural History
Niu B Japanese Restaurant on S Michigan Ave
Niu B Restaurant on S Michigan Ave
Goddess & the Baker 
Nepal House
Nepal House
The Bean at Millennium Park
The Bean at Millennium Park


Now if you haven’t come to this conclusion or didn’t already know… *drumroll*… I’M MOVING TO CHICAGO!!! I am so excited to be accepted to Columbia College Chicago. I look forward to living in such an inspiring city and studying music and taking advantage of every creative opportunity that comes my way.

Here is a series of photos I like to call The Touristy Things

The Bean at Millennium Park
The Bean at Millennium Park


Grant Park
Grant Park
The Field Museum of Natural History


And now you know what a tobacco plant looks like courtesy of the Field Museum of Natural History.

I encourage you to travel with people that you know love you (maybe try it without the parents). Its a growing and inspiring experience. Much love to you and yours.


Special shoutout to Bestwestern Grant Park. We enjoyed our stay. 10/10

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

I’m Unemployed.

Hey Reeses,

You know I love you right? I really do, but I’m not your mom. I’m your sister. Just as many times as you bump your head on the table, I do as well.

I am currently unemployed. You know this because I can bother you at any time of the day. Since I’m your… dear sister, you don’t always look at me with endearment, so this can be seen as a negative situation for us both.

Here’s the thing though, its not that I don’t want a job. I applied to ten jobs. Got three interviews. All without a call back. Don’t worry! I’m not discouraged… except I feel like my lower abdomen can’t receive another blow. My massive ego has amassed to a tiny little crumb, and I am not sure what to feel anymore… but don’t worry. I still have room in the tiny crumb to share love with you.

Here’s why I can’t get a job though… I’m leaving in August. I know you have no sense of time so telling you this won’t mean much to you, but when I tell them this… I have this complex that results in me telling the truth even when it may not be beneficial to me.

So, your big sis is unemployed because she’s got plans and is honest. This makes your big sis proud, and I hope you’re proud of me too little old lady.

In all honesty though, I do have credit card bills and such, and a part time or full time or whoever you need to do needs of whatever would help me by helping you or someone you know. So, if you’re reading this private letter to my dog, first shame on you but second, I’m glad you’re here. Do you have any suggestions or know of any openings? (You can comment below this post)

Anyways, my lovely furry little creature whom I’m allergic to but burry my face in anyways… I love you always and hope you now know why I hug you just a little tighter.

Love always,


~may your breath always be the way you wish~

My brother joined the ARMY

Hey bro, love you.

In Steven’s life he’s done a lot. I am proud of everything he has learned, and in turn, taught me. I am proud of who he is and who he used to be. I am proud of my brother.

“You are a good man” I say as I smash his shoulder with an opened hand. Its a gesture he’d received from me a lot, but recently he’d gone though a rough patch. I look back at it to see I didn’t do it as much.

I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you for a brief time. I probably did in my heart but I don’t think you knew and that is my fault.

I love you brother. You’re going to do even more amazing things with your life, and I know you’ll make it through basic and through anything life throws at you.

You’re a kind and loving human being who is always willing to do something that benefits someone else. I think the ARMY is a good place for a human like you.

Thank you for existing and good luck in your future endeavors. Much love.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

love’s a burrito pt. 3

“Hello Daria… my old friend”

I look up at the voice’s face. “Bruce…”

His smooth skin welcomes the soft touch of my finger tips. My mouth moves towards him. My hands grip him. The pulse in my neck quickens and threatens to betray the smoothness of my movements. He is there. Solid and secure awaiting my next move.

I breath him in. His entire being almost known to me. It isn’t just his perfected exterior features that have drawn me to him. I know what he holds inside himself to be so much more to yearn for. All it takes is for my lips… my tongue… my teeth… to unlock him and allow what’s inside to be revealed.

Just one bite…

The warmth spills over my soul and I feel… choked. I wake up, my pillow triggering my gag reflex.

Well, this day will be including a trip to my local burrito dealer…

This is who I am. There is no one better for me. I am to content to live as a being… who loves a burrito.


Hello! I hope you enjoyed this little series of very brief and realistic fiction. Parts one and two are on this blog site somewhere if you haven’t read them yet.

I hope your life is enjoyable with people to enjoy it with. Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

Mushroom & Spinach Pasta

~mushroom & spinach pasta~ is a creamy base soaked into the perfectly al dente pasta with just the right amount of tender earthy veggies that add extra notes of warmth through each bite.

I often find myself with lots of fresh things that expire and not enough noodles. This recipe is what I did with mushrooms and spinach that needed to be eaten and broken bits of lasagna noodle as my form of pasta. It was a splendid production. Here’s how I made it:

Get all you fresh veggies chopped and cleaned.


Add the base for the sauce; (butter if your pan isn’t nonstick), garlic, salt, pepper, and creme cheese.


Heat, mix, and add a spritz lemon juice.


Meanwhile cook your pasta.


Add creme(half&half or milk w/ butter) and cook down the spinach and mushrooms.


Partly cook the noodles (ex; 7 of 12 minutes) and then drain them and add them to the sauce. I needed to also add more creme at this point due to the fact that the noodles will drink up the yumminess already in the pan.


Let it cook.


Add some cheese.


Voila! All done!



(All butter can be subbed with olive oil for a lighter/ healthier version)

In the words of the great Auguste Gusteau… “Anyone can cook!”

I will always encourage people to get into the kitchen… Supervision is also an encouragement for the beginners 🙂 Enjoy creating and enjoy eating and therefore your life will be more enjoyable.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~