love’s a burrito pt. 3

“Hello Daria… my old friend”

I look up at the voice’s face. “Bruce…”

His smooth skin welcomes the soft touch of my finger tips. My mouth moves towards him. My hands grip him. The pulse in my neck quickens and threatens to betray the smoothness of my movements. He is there. Solid and secure awaiting my next move.

I breath him in. His entire being almost known to me. It isn’t just his perfected exterior features that have drawn me to him. I know what he holds inside himself to be so much more to yearn for. All it takes is for my lips… my tongue… my teeth… to unlock him and allow what’s inside to be revealed.

Just one bite…

The warmth spills over my soul and I feel… choked. I wake up, my pillow triggering my gag reflex.

Well, this day will be including a trip to my local burrito dealer…

This is who I am. There is no one better for me. I am to content to live as a being… who loves a burrito.


Hello! I hope you enjoyed this little series of very brief and realistic fiction. Parts one and two are on this blog site somewhere if you haven’t read them yet.

I hope your life is enjoyable with people to enjoy it with. Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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