Be Nice… please.

Being nice is often frowned upon in the setting of ignorance, but if we really realize how much we are actually kind, and that people are actually kind to us, then we’d realize its commonness still isn’t enough.

Some people are going through stuff, I get it, but how selfish is it to lash out at those one loves? Answer, very selfish. Human beings are selfish by nature, thats what makes love so special. So, before you say something nasty to someone you love, realize what it means to love, to put them in a place of respect and understanding, then hold your tongue and, if necessary, walk away.

I know all of this because I learned it first hand. People close to you can use your undying love for them against you. They assume that they can take everything frustrating and anger-inducing out on you, and you’ll still love them… Thats not fair.

Its easy, be nice. Come from a place of compassion and reason, grow some responsibility for someone else’s feelings, and maybe you’ll realize how much you affect them when you raise your voice to them or say something to hurt them.

I get it, family you’ve been bound to since birth can be difficult, and you’ll always argue with people you spend a lot of time with, examples being friends and more than friends. All this is true, but I’ll tell you a secret, you piss them off too. If you find yourself screaming at them more than they do at you, or maybe you two are in a constant state of battle, then all you’re doing is being selfish.

It helps to just stop, evaluate what is making their fuse short, and give them space or a hug…. This depends on their preference, not yours.

Being nice is about caring for someone else. It applies even to strangers because after everything, we are all humans living a temporary life that we have to make mean something when that in itself is confusing, confusing, and all other things of that frustrating nature.

Maybe you’ve taken my advice to heart about thinking about the ins and outs of your own mind and your own self, but have you ever stopped to see and ponder those around you? If you haven’t, then now is always a chance to change.

Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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