My brother joined the ARMY

Hey bro, love you.

In Steven’s life he’s done a lot. I am proud of everything he has learned, and in turn, taught me. I am proud of who he is and who he used to be. I am proud of my brother.

“You are a good man” I say as I smash his shoulder with an opened hand. Its a gesture he’d received from me a lot, but recently he’d gone though a rough patch. I look back at it to see I didn’t do it as much.

I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you for a brief time. I probably did in my heart but I don’t think you knew and that is my fault.

I love you brother. You’re going to do even more amazing things with your life, and I know you’ll make it through basic and through anything life throws at you.

You’re a kind and loving human being who is always willing to do something that benefits someone else. I think the ARMY is a good place for a human like you.

Thank you for existing and good luck in your future endeavors. Much love.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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