I Went to Chicago! & Why

What a way to spend a few days. Chicago is a beautiful place. I enjoyed my time in every way. In fact, it seems like a good place to stay… Hmmmmmmm….


The food was good. The environment was inspiring. The air was crisp. The wind was subtle. The entertainment was anything you wished. The city of Chicago is a place of opportunity and creativity. I can’t wait to move there.

I am so lucky to have been able to travel with such a solidly amazing human being that is also a friend who has been my best and with me at my worst. She’s still here so that speaks to her character… honestly… I’m astounded at her ability to enjoy being around me. Traveling with her was as easy as travel allowed it to be. We handled each problem together, and it made the entire trip a perfect memory. Plus, she looks cool every single day of her existence… which makes for perfect photos.

Grant Park
Grant Park
The Field Museum of Natural History
Niu B Japanese Restaurant on S Michigan Ave
Niu B Restaurant on S Michigan Ave
Goddess & the Baker 
Nepal House
Nepal House
The Bean at Millennium Park
The Bean at Millennium Park


Now if you haven’t come to this conclusion or didn’t already know… *drumroll*… I’M MOVING TO CHICAGO!!! I am so excited to be accepted to Columbia College Chicago. I look forward to living in such an inspiring city and studying music and taking advantage of every creative opportunity that comes my way.

Here is a series of photos I like to call The Touristy Things

The Bean at Millennium Park
The Bean at Millennium Park


Grant Park
Grant Park
The Field Museum of Natural History


And now you know what a tobacco plant looks like courtesy of the Field Museum of Natural History.

I encourage you to travel with people that you know love you (maybe try it without the parents). Its a growing and inspiring experience. Much love to you and yours.


Special shoutout to Bestwestern Grant Park. We enjoyed our stay. 10/10

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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