Travel Advice (for beginners)

I messed up, but you may not have to.

Tip 1!     Travel with the right person/people!    For some of you… that may mean traveling alone. For others… find the person who you can’t be mad at for long periods of time. Also, this person or group of people should compensate for the things you lack.

Tip 2!     Grocery stores!     Grocery stores or convenience stores are perfect for buying things such as muffins or meal substitutes or snacks or whatever. The reason its a good idea to locate one is because, if you’re in a big city, every time you eat out you’ll be spending quite a bit in order to get a taste of the city. If you’re traveling somewhere small or with lots of cheap eats options then by all means enjoy your plethora of inexpensive experiences. Also, buying large bottles of water for cheap is very important… stay hydrated and don’t drink from the tap.

Tip 3!     Don’t cut costs on what matters!      Example one being airline insurance/ non cheap airlines. Don’t make the misktake that me and a plane full of people made in thinking that using Spirit airlines would be a good experience. Example two is public transportation. If you were blessed with the ability to know where you are at all times, then by all means use the subway system and get to where you need to go, but otherwise, use a taxi. Yes, its expensive, but they take you to exactly where you need to go. Yes, I got lost… No, we didn’t end up in a safe part of town. Extra tip, wear your best b*tch face and pretend you know where you are.

Tip 4!     Take care of your body!      Be cognizant of when your body needs something. Examples, eye drops, chapstick, a seat, a meal. When you don’t take care of your stomach, you could end up vomiting your guts out in the airport only seconds before having gone through a very traumatic landing. When you don’t use chapstick your lips can end up bleeding and looking remarkably red and wrinkly… but some people could prefer that so… personal preference.  Know your body’s warning signs when its on the verge of self destruction.

I learned valuable lessons from traveling as an adult with only one other adult being. We learned lots of lessons. I’m sure seasoned travelers don’t need my advice, but I felt the need to give tips before I encourage people to travel without their parents. Its DEFINITELY a growing experience.

Tip 5!     HAVE FUN!!!!      Enjoy every moment, even when something goes wrong, and you end up sleeping in the airport… ENJOY IT! Any experience is better than living through nothing.

Much love to you and yours and may your travel experiences be all and more of what you wish. 


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