How I Find Inspiration


I allow it to find me…

But really though. I have days that are completely uninspiring. How do I release myself from the funk?

I cook for myself… and eat!

I cook delicious food, which, in itself, calms me and allows me to ponder things that are stifling me. Eating itself gives my mind the sustenance it needs to continue passed all that is uninspiring to me.

If that fails, then I simply have forgotten to drink my coffee.


I look to books/ compilations of quotes.

The quote on the back of my quote book says it best, “A quotation at the right moment is like bread to the famished.” – The Talmud


I walk on the beach.

I mention this bit quite often because walking is just the right amount of energy exertion needed to keep my mind heading towards the destination of creation. The beach is also my place of serendipity.


I organize my workspace.

I know this may not look organized to you, but the process was vigorous and yes… this is organized.

Applying a little organization to the place you spend most of your creative time can allow for a little breathing room and chaos-quelling to assist you in your quest for inspiration.


I do random activities with others… whom I enjoy.

That last bit is quite important. Calling that person who always tends to leave you in a bad mind space isn’t the best bet for inspiring onself.

Try organizing a spur of the moment venture with a being who believes, inspires, and allows you to be yourself.

Much love to you and your inspiration.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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