Fair Weather Fashion ~Spring Time~

“Ahhhh what a lovely day for the outdoors”


“Oh hello camera… how nicely you capture the full essence of my arm”


“Look at my other one…”


“Oh yeah and I’m diggin this fit”



Spring is kind of an ugly season when you don’t live near cherry blossoms. The rain returns and with it the heat and so on until summer. BUT! Its the perfect time to introduce bright colors back into your wardrobe.


Accent pieces are subtle ways in which you can add a little extra dimension to a wardrobe, and with the changing of seasons, the subtle exposure of lovely, lacy undergarments is an easy way to jazz up a look. Also, dainty chains and such have been making a comeback… if your trendy… you’re welcome… otherwise, just a heads up on what will be hitting the thrift stores this time next year.



These two sets of outfits are perfect for saying, “Its spring!” or “I’m fifty years old today!” Whatever you aspire to say about yourself through your clothing, you can! Honesty with one’s clothing is a big step in the direction of self love.

Lastly, check out these shoes I got from ASOS that its already too hot to wear.



Much love to you and your wardrobe.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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