Growing Up Pt.1 ~Travel w/o Adult Supervision~

Growing up is something we all do. Its what teenagers think they already did, what parents of teenagers say they aren’t done doing, what young adults struggle through, and what aged people cherish as memories.

In all honesty, ‘growing up’ is a part of that strange facet in the english language in which its not exactly describing exactly what it means, but everyone knows what it means exactly… or do we. Growing… up? Such a strange phrase, but really what does it entail?

I have come to realize that the essence of growing up is learning how to do life, how to be  ‘successful’, and defining what it means to live life and be successful. Once you learn to do that then I think you can say ‘I’m grown up’ without your parents or your doctors disagreeing with you. If you can’t do those things then buy a briefcase… most people judge solely based on appearance anyways.

SO! Growing up! How does one do that? Good question! I’m not fully sure myself, but through this series I shall be looking for steps and answers and tips and such that will hopefully assist you in the ‘growing up’.

The first moment I truly felt grown was when I traveled on the weight of my own responsibility. Getting away from the concerned clutches of one’s parents will mark the first moments of growth on the path towards adulthood.

Its going to be difficult. Its going to challenge you. Its going to grow you.

Here’s a tip; Don’t see it negatively, taking in everything with fresh eyes. Don’t cower in the face of the unknown. Life is only as difficult as its allowed to be.

Traveling is the perfect scenario to bring to light a world you may have been oblivious to, which can reveal things about life you may have been missing. Problem solving is honed and sharpened when traveling, because let me tell you… anything can happen. That may sound scary, but tie your shoes and get to it because life and success are the perfect things to talk about instead of nonexistent relationships to the relatives you only see for the holidays.

Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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