Growing Up Pt.2 ~Saying Goodbye~

Saying goodbye isn’t as common an occurrence as it is to loose people. Honestly, there is a solidarity in a goodbye. Dissolving away from someone without a defined resolution is a confusing, lengthy, and avoidable process.

When one is growing up, we discover the art of saying goodbye and the exact weight of it.

Something literally has to be reasoned through in order to come to a solid conclusion that is a goodbye. Think back to the people who are no longer in your life… Did they say goodbye? Did they need to? Did it lessen the blow if they did?

The thing about goodbye is that it doesn’t lessen the loss, but rather, it acknowledges that it is a loss, and solidifies the need for a disconnection.

All the people I simply cut form my life without word probably don’t have very positive feelings about me, or they’re left peeking in my general direction wondering if I still know they exist. Bottom line is, I do, but the Leanne from even a few months ago wasn’t considerate enough to say goodbye. I’m still growing up.

Being able to say goodbye marks a true developmental milestone in one’s life… in my opinion.

Knowing when to say goodbye is also a pretty big determining factor of one’s growth. Toxic relationships are obvious in hindsight, but learning to be the better version of oneself by severing ties with the wrong people will ultimately make you a better you.

So, to all the people who stopped talking to me… and all the people I stopped talking to… Goodbye. You were once important to me. Thank you for existing.

**Disclaimer**  There are many people one simply falls out of life with, and thats normal in the changing times of developing adultness. (This is also a part of the ‘growing up’)

**Ultimate disclaimer** If you can’t say goodbye to someone, but you haven’t talked to them in a while, then shoot them a message and see if they want to hang out or something. Even if you haven’t spoken for a while, conversations are always pleasant, if you want them to be.

Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



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