Collections ~bags~



A bag can be both appealing to the beholder and beneficial to the wearer. For me, the right bag will determine the success of my outfit and my avoiding of back pain. Please feel free to enjoy my collection of bags.


A basic black backpack is a staple to a collection of bags, but of course there are also many other backpacks that are needed in one’s collection.




Though they may not be needed in every occasion, small and shiny accentuating bags give a formal occasion a little extra inconvenience for the sake of beauty… but they really are just beautiful… though one can see the outline of my deodorant in it… which isn’t ideal.



Basic and not necessarily attention drawing bags are really good for travel.



When I shop, I am drawn to the odd ball… I am drawn to what I can look at and say, ‘that’s so cool’. I want the same effect that I have when I look at my reflection. And so, I have some very unique items in my collection.





And of course, I must never forget my beloved fanny pack sub-collection.





There are many more bags that just wouldn’t photograph well, but here are some that did and didn’t have anywhere else to be displayed in the blog.


Much love to you and your collections.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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