Growing Up Pt. 3 ~Concern for Others~

The Black Lives Matter movement tends to get a lot of people fired up… Good. The key to truly growing up is being concerned for someone that isn’t yourself.




Black lives do matter. Bottom line. Their movement isn’t ‘wrong’ just because it isn’t your ‘right’. Its their ‘right’. Showing concern for what others are doing is what ensures we don’t neglect each other. Empathy is what allows us to see others in their existence and not for the sake of our own.

If your life is great, then reaching out to someone who’s isn’t should be something that isn’t too difficult for you to do.

The key to love… I have found in my twenty years of living… is to reach beyond yourself to include someone else in your life. There’s your perfect little life and also the addition of a being of your choosing in which you do things for because you think they’re amazing and worth every bit of extra energy expenditure.

Compassion and charity and stuff like that are also beautiful and heart warming indicators that you have grown up. First of all, to even think of others in a light that isn’t of judgment is a beautiful and apparently difficult task. Then, to go out of your way to do something nice for them… compassion isn’t present enough. Just because someone more ‘grown’ than you isn’t doing it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

The excuse of ‘my parents didn’t teach me how to’ won’t work.

Empathy keeps the world habitable for us all. It is birthed from suffering and looks towards hope with others in mind.

Love is something you try for and hope to god you don’t get hurt but you do and thus, you learn how to love and who to love.

Compassion is the nice little cherry to top it all off with its voluntary nature and mutual benefit.

Concern for others is something growing up is all about. Solidifying yourself and then reaching out to others because they’re hurt or amazing or just need an extra reason to smile is what makes us ‘grown’… in my humble opinion… We can all afford to remember this when viewing each other 🙂

So, when you say ‘all lives matter’, make sure you’re not just thinking of your own.

Much love to you and those you’re concerned for… and those you aren’t.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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