What Being Alone has Taught Me.

When I say ‘alone’ I mean that sinking feeling that shoots an aura of negativity out at everyone who surrounds you because you feel like every exchange is empty and no one loves you… that ‘alone’… Its bit intense, but its what keeps people up at night I swear.

Being alone can be difficult to enjoy… at first. Its nessicary that we as human beings can be independent or we will always draw our mental and emotional soundness from someone else’s mental state. Once we figure out a way to enjoy ourselves, we can in turn, enjoy being alone.

A few tips for this is… find a place you can go to that makes you feel warm, secure, and protected. It could be under a blanket, wrapped in a blanket, or bundled up… in a blanket. Blankets are great. But if your summer climate isn’t ideal for blankets here’s the trick… Go to a public place where no one really pays attention to you and you can just be and do things and enjoy yourself without being 100% isolated (example being a coffee shop or the beach or something of that nature;)

It hurts sometimes. Often when we’re alone we tend to wonder why… It can be painful to relive all the times we shut people out, but try to remember why and if that makes you feel worse than have some chocolate and cry it out then realize that you are a better person because of all you’ve gone through and life is great (the chocolate kicked in).

When I was recently with my cousin she said something funny… “I’m just waiting for the first round of divorces to go through”. It may seem like a harsh reality, but truth is, living now instead of concerning oneself with the burden of loneliness is so much better than wallowing in loneliness and feeling like no one is there for you… Here’s a secret… Everyone feels alone.

Here’s another secret… One is not ever truly alone. And I don’t mean some diety that lingers just out of sight. I mean the people that care about you that you haven’t acknowledged. I mean the people who are close to you whom you get pissed at instead of working out your issues. (example being your parents) If you feel lonely, ask yourself who your friends are… if you can’t think of anyone… adopt a dog. (or cat or hamster because one must never discriminate against the different breeds and types of fluffy creatures…) (unless of course you have a preference… or an allergy.)

Honestly I learned a lot from owning my loneliness. I learned who the people are that truly care about me. I reached out to the distant relatives that, in reality, weren’t so distant. I hugged my dog more. I made myself do things alone and reveled in my solidly single successes. FYI I’m not really alone. I’ve got a lot of people that love me… but I’m alone a lot. Funny how that works.

Much love to you and you.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~















Mexico is a beautiful place, and the 2017 Mexico vacation with my aunt, uncle, and cousin was indeed a beautiful experience.

I drank.



And drank.

But I didn’t do it alone. These lovely people were the perfect company.

They drank more than I did… 🙂


Thank you Mexico.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~