Growing Up Pt. 4 ~Never Stop~

The key to growing up is that one figures out they are never truly ‘grown’.

There’s always somewhere we haven’t gone.

There’s always something we don’t understand.

There’s always a new facet of oneself to be discovered or molded.

I’ve been through so much, and every time I go through something, I become someone new. I learn so much that, being the same ill-informed self wouldn’t make sense. I am so glad to have gone through all that I have because it prepares me for what I have yet to go through.

Never being satisified is what keeps life interesting.

Every time I make a mistake, I don’t regret making it. I am glad to have gone through whatever discomfort I have to ensure I know just what it means to be uncomfortable. It leaves a lot less room for complaints in every day life.

Life isn’t about one accomplishment but many.

Life is about development and discovery.

The reason why the older generations look down on the younger ones is because they really have seen and done more… in most cases… the caveat being those who decided they’d reached their peaks and stopped living.

Side story about me… My current financial situation is that I am about to go into a LOT of debt for college, but I’m not worried. One, I will handle it. Me and my financial department got this. Two, any mistakes I make will teach me so much. Three, I plan on opening my own businesses one day so… to be afraid of debt… psshhhhh. I’m not going to school because its cheap; I am going to learn how to make money.

Promise me you’ll never stop growing. Promise me your life will be appreciated. For your sake… Enjoy yourself.

Much love to you and your growth.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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