Remember Where You Want To Be


There are many moments in a day when we can let our dreams slip away.

There are many places in a place to forget about or stay.

There are many beings that are and will always be in the way.

There are many times in which time is overlooked and what matters is what we make.

~by someone whose been through only a piece of life


In all honesty, I am the most impatient person in the entirety of my brief existence. I cannot stand the fact that I am not where I am looking… so the question is… should I still look there or should I look around at the place that just cannot satisfy me? I have found the answer to be correct if it a balance of the two options.

I have to look forward to something. I have to dream and strive forward, or I feel as though my existence isn’t worth anything.

I have to also look around me. Where I am now will prepare and shape me for the dreams I seek. If I am not fulfilled in the now, then I feel like my measly existence is just a hinderance.

So in essence… I am really hard on myself. I will cherish an ocean view and the family I have to view it with until it is time for me to move on to the place where I will make my dreams reality. I’ve only got two months left… 


Cherish the beauty in moments.

Cherish life itself.

Strive for a means of fulfillment in everything you do.

I have hope for you.


Much love to you and your quest of life.


~may your breath always be the way you wish~




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