Journal Entry 1; looking back

August 4th 2017

I’ve been through a lot in the twenty years of my life. My mom has taught me how to be independent and how to love. My dad has taught me how to do stuff and has supported me tirelessly. My brother understands me and irritates me in the same moment… which has taught me plenty. My two best friends are amazing and inspiring. They constantly remind me that I am who I am through their belief in me. To my family whom I have rekindled a connection. Thank you. Thank you for loving me and talking to me. I really appreciate you all. So much.

I look back a lot when I am transitioning towards a new chapter.

To all the trash people I have associated with over the many years of my life and to all the people who were there for themselves and themselves alone, I’m glad I was there to learn from your existence. To all the people who were kind to me out of their own strength… you made high school enjoyable, so thanks.

To all the people I traveled the country with competing, I love you all. You grew up with me, and for that, I am rich.

To myself, I look back on who you used to be, and I am grateful that you’re not her anymore. You’re you now, fully, solidly. You aren’t afraid of people because you’ve seen the darkness in their capabilities. You aren’t afraid of stepping out because you’ve been criticized and honestly… criticism is just as empty as people’s opinions. Fluidity is a beautiful thing. The plasticity of the human persona has made you into a beautiful being filled with drive, confidence, and kindness.

Chicago is a lovely place. Every time I walk outside, I am inspired. The people. The places. The art. I am ready to carry myself through the next chapter because my past and present make me feel like I can.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~