Journal Entry 2; Looking Forward

September 3rd 2017

I’ve been listening to Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. nonstop. It seems to be a good sound to take in the city to. May it be a good sound for you to take in my journal entry.

Its been a while since I have felt the density that is independence. Yeah its a lot to deal with, but I think the biggest confidence booster is finding out that you can handle more than you have before.

Life is beautiful… and not just when its obvious. I am all too grateful that life is great right now, but even when its sucks… For example. The profuse vomiting out a window of a vehicle that isn’t yours will most likely not leave you feeling fulfilled. Trust me. But in the end… you go to sleep and wake in the morning a little nauseous, but able to live another day. Alive because you had friends to get you home. Alive because you had a place to go home to. And truly alive because of reasons to leave that home and live life.

I am so happy to have finally found a venue for my creativity. Art school is filled with beings just like me in the nature of creativity and acceptance and beauty and reverence.

I encourage you to live your life. Its a choice. Move forward. I promise it’s difficulties will be worth it if you feel fulfilled from the beauty of it all.

Much love to you and your life.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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