Staying Lit…

We all have rainy days. Staying lit through a sun-lacking, gob-smacking, job-having days can be a challenge. So… how do you do it? How does one… stay lit?

Well! I am glad you asked… really. It makes me feel as though someone else has the same inklings of self doubt that I have.

Here are some helpful tips that assist me in not letting emotional instability get the better of me.

See the picture in everything. The world that you live in is beautiful. The people all tell stories through their eyes, the places are all coated in someone else’s touch, and the sky is always there to behold.

Shake things up. Do something new. Look for different people to hang with, or have differing conversations with the ones you are always around. Go places to explore or stay indoors and make it worth something.

Get inspired by something. Watch a good movie. Read a good piece of literature. Listen to some good music. Or do whatever it is that refreshes your mantra.

Be good to yourself. Take some time for you and appreciate all that you are for yourself.


If none of the above gets you lit then… Eat something.

Much love to you and your lit-ness.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~