Chicago… thus far


I’ve had a fulfilling time in Chicago thus far.

From exploring the city to living in it, I’ve started to really get into the swing of things up here. If I could describe what its like to be in ‘the swing of things’ in a place like this, well… I’d need more coffee.

No, but seriously. This place is a living breathing being with feelings and emotions and every time its upset you can tell by the harsh winds and ever changing amounts of humidity (hint: its always humid).

Aside from the weather’s unpredictability… Its beautiful to behold and to be apart of.

And aside from the weather entirely…. the city itself is beautiful to behold and to be apart of.

The same feeling of when I visited this city back in March still holds on to my heart today. Every time I walk out the door I see something that inspires me. Its true! I wasn’t even planning on making this video, but it was the first snow day, and it was too lovely not to.  The audio is from a lil songwriting session, and let me tell you… the sounds of sirens never cease in this place.

There so much food here man. I’m in love with food, and this city is the perfect place for culinary exploration.

My classes are great. My new friends are great. My life is great. So on and yada yeah dad… I really am doing great. Also, my mother and I talk on the phone daily… so yeah. Its great.

The second week here, my dad said, “You’re doing what you said you would do.” I still am. I am ready for this winter… knock on wood… and I’m ready for three more semesters here. From there, who knows where I’ll go.

Much love to you wherever you are.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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