Another Monthly Update

I work a lot… but the little moments in between, they are my moments; When I don’t owe anything to anyone, and yet every minute of my day is spent working for something. Whether it be a job or my personal ambition or eduacation, I am working… and I don’t foresee myself stopping any time soon.





I make a lot of random memories saying yes to random things.



(a remix)

(an original)


I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without people I love always making me feel loved. Even when I’m tired socially and in every other way, my people are there for me making feel like me again. Even on Christmas and Thanksgiving, which I spent without family this year, my phone was flooded with love, and I was in no way alone. I FaceTime people a lot… Like Briana. I FaceTime Briana a lot… and bother her… because I can, and it makes me happy.


(I MISS MY BABY SO MUCH!!!) If you’re in the Chicago area, and you’d like to let me spend a couple hours with your dog, I’d be very pleased.



And don’t worry… I’m not too tired. I’m not insane or anything… yet.

I prefer to be called eccentric. I have something to show for my madness. Products of my mannerisms and odd ticks that give me that edgy artsyness that attach to my brand that I build with each project I work on. If you’re not following my word vomit here…. here’s a nice picture of my chai tea.



Much love to you & your lives.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


Makin’ moves & bean happy

I’ve been doing a lot of things this semster in terms of accomplishing things and such. Progress itself seems to be the driving force in what I am doing. Despite all that I have yet to accomplish, I am fully appreciative of the life I have lived thus far, and I hope I will never forget to revel in my previous accomplishments that have led me to the now.


I’ve done a couple solo events in that last few weeks that I deem personal successes.


I’ve gone to so many shows this semester, and ever single one of them, I have enjoyed.


I’ve been ice skating… still working on my turns.


Through it all, I have cherished each instance of making a difference in my future. Defining who I am makes me feel as though the world I see is what I choose to see it as… because it is.



As the semester comes to its finish, and the year as well, I say to myself … good job… & goodnight.

Much love to you and your endeavors.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~