Makin’ moves & bean happy

I’ve been doing a lot of things this semster in terms of accomplishing things and such. Progress itself seems to be the driving force in what I am doing. Despite all that I have yet to accomplish, I am fully appreciative of the life I have lived thus far, and I hope I will never forget to revel in my previous accomplishments that have led me to the now.


I’ve done a couple solo events in that last few weeks that I deem personal successes.


I’ve gone to so many shows this semester, and ever single one of them, I have enjoyed.


I’ve been ice skating… still working on my turns.


Through it all, I have cherished each instance of making a difference in my future. Defining who I am makes me feel as though the world I see is what I choose to see it as… because it is.



As the semester comes to its finish, and the year as well, I say to myself … good job… & goodnight.

Much love to you and your endeavors.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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