2017 & A New Beginning

2017 was a lovely year. My heart is full looking back at the photographical journey I have taken through this year and the people who have touched my heart forever. I made A LOT of moves in 2017, and I believe that 2018 will take me to places I have been wishing to go.

I grew a lot closer to my best friends that will love me and be loved by me forever.

And I added a few more people to my list of cherished souls.



I went places with people I love.



I moved to Chicago!


Since I’ve been in Chicago I’ve done quite a bit as well… including turn 21.


Pray for my liver…

And I currently have some sort of respiratory infection from this cold city…

2018 is off with a bang.

Much love to you and your health.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~