Since I’ve been 21…


Since I’ve been 21, I have done a lot. I wasn’t going to write about what I’ve learned, but who wants to hear a list of the good stuff… no one. Not when so many things happened to me that I learned from. Upon my youtube ventures of procrastination, I discovered this video that I highly recommend watching if you enjoy my blog post.


I contracted bronchitis. My work ethic contributed to my schedule being completely full; Class from 9am to 2pm, then off to work till 7pm, and from there, to cat sit for a couple hours before being home before 10pm. Kinda makes you wonder why I didn’t fail all my classes and contract all the illnesses associated with trekking through the cold in the coldest of Chicago’s winter. I mean I did get bronchitis… and my grades were indeed low before the midterms… more of that later. Thanks Molly for tending to your sick friend.

I caught up with friends and partied with the rest. I really do appreciate the people who are currently in my life. They teach me a lot about human behavior and the emotions thereof… also… they’re fun to be around. I appreciate you. Though I don’t rely on you all for much, you’re always there and for that, I am grateful.


I lost weight… I regulated my diet… I helped my skin clear… All of this because I DON’T HAVE INSURANCE. If I didn’t fix my health problems, who would? Don’t worry… I’m getting insurance, but its taking forever. I’m good, I’m just slowly going insane and deteriorating, but its all for the best. Keeps me humble.

I got to know my roommate… IMG_2128

She screamed at me after I asked her to not touch my stuff. Its all good. I’m not obligated to take that sh*t. I’m excited to move out for sure. For more information contact me directly.

I passed all my midterms… barely.  And this was my reward. I take pride in my ability to support the ramen chain, Strings. Remind me again how I lost weight…


I dated… slash am still dating. I’m discovering the type of lover I am and am looking for. Its stuff they teach in schools if your parents are hovering nearby at all times, which is why I’m in college learning this stuff. I’m not pissed about it though. High school me couldn’t handle all this stuff. People are crazy and men are… sometimes boys.


I got a new apartment. **pics to come** I move on the first of April, and I’m so HAPPY. That doesn’t matter to some people though. Because I decided that acquiring shelter was compartmentally VERY important to me, and asked for a half day off from work to sign the lease, I got fired.

I got fired. Its really disappointing that the joy of successfully adulting was overshadowed by getting fired. Its all good though… Lincoln Park is a solid district with lots of potential for employment. Also, my St. Patty’s Day was still nice.


My parents still love me… and each other. Amid all the job searching and apartment prep, my parents came for my spring break. They both furnished my apartment, and let me drag them all over the city to show them why I love this place so much. They enjoyed themselves…. and it was really nice to spend some quality time with my favorite humans.


I’m still eating everything I can. I’m good. Some people can’t understand how, at the end of the day with no job, no boyfriend, no insurance, and a crazy roommate I can still smile… but its because I’ve got a new apartment, my grades are in tact, and my plate is always full.

If you pull any piece of advice from witnessing pieces of my crazy life, take this… Nothing is the end of you… no trauma is the end of you. Keep going. Keep driving yourself towards your goals or you’ll never realize anything… you’ll just wallow in the misery of the moment.

Any additional advice can be found here…


Much love to you and your life-living.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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