getting settled in my new place…

This month on Content w/ Coffee Breath we have a budding Leanne beginning its bloom.

Its been a series of events involving the moving on and moving in that ultimately has shaped me quite a bit.


MOVING DAY; April 1st

It was quite the time. My roommate was all too eager for me to leave so she insisted upon helping me move. She came with me to the U-hual place and laughed as I traversed the city in a 10ft moving truck.

A friend met me at the place of purchase for the bright orange sofa where I realized the physical toll this day would take.

Off to empty my apartment we went, and we picked up another friend and said goodbye to the roommate.

I enjoy my freedom… and my happiness.

Emptying the filled truck resulted in a very deteriorated Leanne and co. Pasta was in order. Afterwards, I said goodbye to start the massive task of unpacking, but not before I  dropped off the rental and walked a good five blocks through the south side to get back to the L. It was certainly a memory.

Solidly I slept, and the day was seen as a massive success and a new chapter’s beginning.


I woke up to the sunrise… Just over the lake it rose, and with it, my hopes for a bettered future.


My mornings begin at 6 am, but my consciousness isn’t fully present until this moment. 8 am and the bus picks me up to carry me through downtown to leave me about three blocks north of my intended destination. By 9 I am in class ‘ready’ to begin my educational experiences.

By heading home everyday to build furniture and clean and tidy, I managed to get mostly settled into my new life. I even set up the electricity… because it was shut off, and no choice did I have.

Even on the bitterly cold days that we are STILL having despite it being April, I am grateful for where I live, and for the life I am blessed by every moment of every day.


I’m grateful to everyone who supports me and loves me. You all mean the entire world will be worth something and for that I am truly happy.

Much love to you and your happy beginnings.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


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