Welcome to the place where coffee breath is okay!

I am a person who is content with coffee breath. What that entails is a depth of flavor savored and then remembered in the scent it has left behind. Some people think that somehow masking the moments of pleasure with, for example, the scent of mint, is somehow beneficial to society, but what made the scent of mint favorable over coffee?

Addressing life’s oddities and society’s narrow perspectives, as well as, expanding minds and exploring random activities encompass what this blog hopes to aide you in accomplishing.

Be content with coffee breath, or don’t, but make sure that what is done is based on one’s own desires and not just completed by following the footsteps of another.


One thought on “Greetings

  1. Profound, sizzling, I am hoping for enjoyable cups of multifaceted flavor. I know the occasional burning the tongue will actually bring more than new living cells, and ideas that bring more than a change. Btw that is my sister.

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