Collections ~bags~



A bag can be both appealing to the beholder and beneficial to the wearer. For me, the right bag will determine the success of my outfit and my avoiding of back pain. Please feel free to enjoy my collection of bags.


A basic black backpack is a staple to a collection of bags, but of course there are also many other backpacks that are needed in one’s collection.




Though they may not be needed in every occasion, small and shiny accentuating bags give a formal occasion a little extra inconvenience for the sake of beauty… but they really are just beautiful… though one can see the outline of my deodorant in it… which isn’t ideal.



Basic and not necessarily attention drawing bags are really good for travel.



When I shop, I am drawn to the odd ball… I am drawn to what I can look at and say, ‘that’s so cool’. I want the same effect that I have when I look at my reflection. And so, I have some very unique items in my collection.





And of course, I must never forget my beloved fanny pack sub-collection.





There are many more bags that just wouldn’t photograph well, but here are some that did and didn’t have anywhere else to be displayed in the blog.


Much love to you and your collections.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~


Fair Weather Fashion ~Spring Time~

“Ahhhh what a lovely day for the outdoors”


“Oh hello camera… how nicely you capture the full essence of my arm”


“Look at my other one…”


“Oh yeah and I’m diggin this fit”



Spring is kind of an ugly season when you don’t live near cherry blossoms. The rain returns and with it the heat and so on until summer. BUT! Its the perfect time to introduce bright colors back into your wardrobe.


Accent pieces are subtle ways in which you can add a little extra dimension to a wardrobe, and with the changing of seasons, the subtle exposure of lovely, lacy undergarments is an easy way to jazz up a look. Also, dainty chains and such have been making a comeback… if your trendy… you’re welcome… otherwise, just a heads up on what will be hitting the thrift stores this time next year.



These two sets of outfits are perfect for saying, “Its spring!” or “I’m fifty years old today!” Whatever you aspire to say about yourself through your clothing, you can! Honesty with one’s clothing is a big step in the direction of self love.

Lastly, check out these shoes I got from ASOS that its already too hot to wear.



Much love to you and your wardrobe.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

Fair Weather Fashion


Fair weather days are the basic level of temperature Floridians are awarded for the winter season. Its not cold, but without a fair amount of clothing, one could get cold…

The windbreaker in the above photos is a good example of what to wear on windy days. A long sleeve underneath allows for the perfect level of warmth while the windbreaker helps fend off the inconstancy of the winds.

The three shirts below have 3 different benefits. The first is a rather thick shirt that, if the day is fair, will be just enough to keep in the body heat. The second is the ideal long sleeve that stops just past the hand and fits impeccably for the essence of comfort. The third is the perfect shirt to throw any jacket over. So whatever the temperature, choose the appropriate jacket and you shall look put together… like a well-paid suburban dad.



Lightweight trench coats… dusters… I don’t know… Whatever they are, they are very useful for days with fair weather. They are also very good for layering once the temperature recedes past ‘fair’. Denim is also good for this purpose.


Places to find articles like this are what I always suggest, but here: thrift shops, online(ASOS, shein, etc…), and I also have a few banana republic articles in this bit so… Check their supplies out if you wish.

I hope you all find inspiration for your life inside the thoughts from my mind. Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~

A Tad Old Fashioned

I often enjoyed ‘dress-up’ as a child. As I’ve grown, I have come to realize how many adults play ‘dress-up’ via their shopping habits, and also, why they end up buying things they never wear. We are all simply children, dressing up. In all honesty, we aren’t that honest about it… but I am. I enjoy it so(too) much. Maybe I’m just a tad bit old fashioned. That, and so maybe might be possibly all or some of my fashion. I hope you enjoy:)


My baby…img_1209img_1219img_1220img_1226img_1233img_1258img_1259img_1261img_1271img_1279img_1281


I enjoy clothing.

I enjoy shopping for clothing.

I enjoy not paying lots of money for clothing.

I enjoy shopping online.

I enjoy my dog.

I enjoy myself.

I enjoy coffee.

I enjoy life.

I hope you do what you enjoy as well.

Much love to you and yours.

~may your breath always be the way you wish~



Wearable Stuff…

Aside from the internal stuff… Clothing can make us seem more beautiful.

Here’s how the story begins…


“I think I dress in an interesting fashion and should share this interesting detail about myself with the blog….”


“I’ll do it right here…”


“No… this won’t do.”




“I’m feelin this…”


“Hmmm… Feelin this too”


“I also get the feeling someone is watching me…”


“I like over here better.”




“Oh yeah….”


“This is good but…”


“Over here’d be better”


Its cold!!!!! I froze my face off doing this outside on Florida’s coldest day so far(40s w/ a wind chill). It was quite fun though. I hope it provides you inspiration for attire and such.

The orange bomber type jacket is a vintage piece from Moxie Vintage. The jean jacket is my father’s old gollo jacket he wore around Spain. The white fur-type jacket is from the sale rack of Banana Republic. The silver puffer is from a thrift shop.

The first pair of booties are from an online site I don’t care to recommend to you, but I’m okay with them and wear them quite a bit. (They aren’t good quality for the price.) The second pair of booties I don’t remember where I got them, but they’ve lasted a while. The third are from ASOS. The last pair, the silver trainers, are also from ASOS.

The pants are thrifted, and the tights are from Target. The shirts are either from Forever 21, or somewhere I can’t remember. Honestly, online sites, H&M, Forever 21 all have tops like this that you can find for a relatively reasonable price.

The brown sunglasses with the gold trim are from a consignment shop, the silver ones are from Aldo, the bleu ones are from Target. I don’t pay over 20$ for sunglasses because I break them so much. Honestly, its not a bad habit to have… It insures I always have a fresh look.

Here are the online sites I recommend: ASOS, shein, and other related sites such as those. Size discrepancies and lengthy shipping times are the issues you will encounter, HOWEVER, the price is worth it, and you are getting exactly what you want:)

I encourage you to find your own style, thrift shop, and online shop. Branch out and explore the world that is fashion. I hope you enjoy it all:)

~may your breath always be the way you wish~